Are you a raider that is looking for a new start? Are you recently transferred player that is looking for a guild to settle down? Did you just apply to a raiding guild and got declined because you lack necessary experience and gear? Well, Karma may be something for you.

Karma is a rather new guild. Founded on 4th of September in 2009 it does not aim for server first or hardcore raiding. Instead Karma focuses on its members and tries to give them best possible experience in game and prepare them for future challenges. We intend to provide a raiding scene where people can experience raiding without having to commit to a raid schedule that takes up all their free time. Our goal is to take fresh (or in some cases, not-so fresh) level 80 players, teach them in friendly and supporting atmosphere about teamwork, how to play their class and how to raid together. We are primarily PvE orientated guild, though we in no way condemn PvPing and our members are free to pursue goals in that field, should they so wish.

We work in close cooperation with one of the top guilds on Kilrogg server, Anarchy, Karma’s leadership consists of former and current guildmasters and officers. Proven members of Karma have a higher chance to join Anarchy should there be an opening in their ranks and they do not have to go through trial period. Anarchy members are also playing in Karma with their alts and they’ll be raiding with us as well as their time schedule allows them to, giving you a chance to play among some of the best players currently on server.

Raids will initially be arranged on Fridays and Saturdays 19:30 - 23:30. As the raid squad grows the raid schedule will do the same. During other times spontaneous raids may be formed if the availability of people allows.

We would like candidates to have the following attributes in order of priority:

  • To be mature, friendly and have a relaxed attitude to the game. No drama queens or divas please.
  • Be willing to analyze and improve yourself.
  • Be willing to listen to advice and act accordingly.

In return we can offer a friendly guild and raiding atmosphere where you'll be treated like the adult you are and prospects for further progress in PvE scene.

As you probably noticed we do not place high value on previous raiding experience and gear level. Experience can be gained, skills to play their character learnt, gear can be found. If you fit well in guild, stay active and are willing to learn then Karma may be the place for you.

Interested? Apply on our forum. Currently we’re recruiting all classes – but that’s subject to change at any point in future as our roster is filled.

More questions? Ask/write Sharra, Fim or Karja.

Best regards,


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